Body Contouring


Once again Lazur La Vie brings you the latest in ground breaking technologies.

It's the Next Generation from Award Winning Alma Lasers to lift, firm and recontour. The V-Shape Ultra treats fat, loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite with:
-Deepest Heating Technology
-Focused Concentrated Energy
-Highest Peak Power on the market
-Safely, comfortably, effectively delivers your
  optimal results








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Juvashape Body 360™

Have the body you want! Smart Lipo permanently sculps, tightens, lifts, reduces fat, cellutite and stretch marks. Featured in world famous Plastic Surgery Center, SLIM Clinique in Brazil.  $600 per session


BUFF Miracle Body 

3 Dimensional VIBRATIONAL Massage with Random ORBITAL OSCILLATION TECHNOLOGY and 42 Powerful Benefits. Rave Reviews from Body Artists, Yoga Studios, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Professional Athletes, Personal Trainers and Competitive Body Builders. $109/30 min

1. Breaks Down Fat
2. Reduces Cellulite
3. Removes Excess Water in Fat
4. Detoxifies
5. Prevents Break Outs
6. Eliminates Aging Effects of Urban Grime
7. Evens Skin Tone 
8. Smoothes Skin 
9. Enhances Cellular Regeneration
10. Minimizes Sun Damage
11. Softens Skin
12. Hydrates Skin
13. Imparts Healthy Glow 
14. Enhances Product Application
15. Delivers Deep Skin Nutrition 
16. Improves Elasticity
17. Rebuilds Collagen
18. Minimizes Lines and Wrinkles
19. Removes Body Hair
20. Eliminates Ingrown Hairs
21. Improves Laser Results
22. Performs Lymphatic Drainage 
23. Heals Scars
24. Breaks Up Scar Tissue
25. Performs Myo Fascia Release
26. Softens Stretch Marks 
27. Removes Callouses
28. Stimulates Deep Muscle Activity 
29. Improves Circulation
30. Reduces Swelling
31. Lubricates Joints
32. Increases Spinal Movement 
33. Elevates/Stabilizes Mood
34. Enhances Memory and Brain Function
35. Soothes Sore Achy Muscles
36. Lowers Blood Pressure
37. Improves Blood Flow
38. Boosts Immune System 
39. Fights Disease
40. Aids Sleep 
41. Apply Body Wraps, Spray Tan and Lotions


LLV Inches off Body Wrap

Lose inches and fat with this detoxifying and hydrating organic herbal wrap applied with the BUFF Miracle Body. 60 min. - $150

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