Meet Cheryl Anne

Lazur La Vie is your destination for ultimate enhancement and renewal of body, mind and spirit since May of 2005.  Our Beauty Aficionado / Founder, Cheryl Anne has you in mind as she brings you permanent solutions for your most beautiful self.  She shares vast experience in the beauty spa industry as a professional image consultant, micro pigmentation specialist, fine and make-up artist, skin care distributor, med spa director and more.

According to Cheryl Anne, "Lazur is for Lasers.  If you don't like it, we laser it off."  Our extensive laser selection is upgraded on a regular basis for your most beautiful self.  Lazur's award winning lasers are comfortable, safe, effective, with short treatment time and permanent results.

Cheryl Anne is equally diligent with Lazur's proprietary Skin Care Product Line Beauty is a Way of Life.  Naturally sourced ingredients, state-of-the art delivery methods, and concentrated formulas ensure your best treatments for your long lasting results.  In addition, Lazur offers Botox and Fillers, Facials, Peels, Micro-Dermabrasion, Body Wraps, Massage, Permanent Makeup and much more.

Make Beauty Your Way Of Life.  Your journey starts with the first step.

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