Microderm and Peels

Medi Miceodermabrasion (30 min.) -$129
Full Body (90 min.) - $350
State-of-the Art Diamond Tip Crystal Free
Technology. “Signature Facial for Clear,
Bright Skin”. This very popular non-surgical
cosmetic procedure stimulates production
of skin cells and collagen proven to reduce
fine lines, crows feet, age spots and scars
caused by acne.
Skin Level DermaPlane(30 min.) - $149
Deep exfoliation technology smooths,
refines, brightens and removes facial hair.
Radiance (50 min.) - $189
Medi Microdermabrasion + Perfect Peel.
Perfect Peels (30 min.) - $129
Peel Away The Years. 30% solution (Fusion
Multi Acid • Glycolic Acid • Lactic Acid •
Salicylic Acid)
Roll Away the Years Proprietary Technology
(60 min.) - $149
Perfect Peel followed by rolling remedial
ingredients ino the skin with Dermaroller™
for noticeable and permanent results.
(A Lazur Exclusive)
Perfect Peel or Medi MicroDermabrasion
with Classic Spa Facial (75 min.) - $189
Dermal Infusion Therapy Facial - $249

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