Wrinkle Reduction


Face, Neck or Chest - $600

 Aerolase offers gold-standard modalities for the treatment of wrinkles and sun damage, whether deep or superficial. The non-invasive LightPod Neo 650-microsecond pulsed 1064nm laser delivers powerful but painless laser pulses deep into the dermis, resulting in wrinkle reduction as well as improvements in tone, texture and an overall healthy glow for the skin. We recommend a series of 6.

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Extend the Life of Your Injectables and Reduce Bruising with Aerolase Light Pod Neo

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Injectables are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments today and, sometimes, with these treatments come adverse effects such as up to 1 week of bruising. 
In a simple five-minute procedure, patients can achieve complete clearance in as little as 24 hours. Light-Pod Neo allows for effective results without the risk of any further adverse reactions.

     The advantage of accelerated recovery with Aerolase Light Pod Neo does not solely apply to cosmetic injections. Both traditional and newer cosmetic procedures can benefit from it's wound healing capability. Any downtime involving bruising from traditional, invasive procedures including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and liposuction.

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